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Only 150 days left

Posted 02.03.2015 // 11:45 h

The EMG2015 will begin on July 27, 2015. 2.000 athletes are expected.

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Sports’ contribution to the development of the German-Israeli relations

Posted 24.02.2015 // 12:54 h

On February 9, 2015, the German-Israeli Society arranged a lecture by Prof. Dr. Manfred Lämmer about the sports’ contribution to the development of the German-Israeli relations. The EMG2015 team was also there and Dr. Oren Osterer presented the European Maccabi Games.

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Is finding your sport like finding love?

Posted 22.02.2015 // 11:30 h

As the big sports event of the year – the European Maccabi Games 2015 – approaches, those of us who still haven’t fallen in love with any particular sport – but feel that they should – are maybe wondering what they could do to help fate.

By Simantov

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The police strengthens its presence in Berlin

Posted 17.02.2015 // 15:58 h

After the attack in Copenhagen, Berlin’s police strengthens its presence in Germany’s capital.

By Andreas Kopietz

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World class swimmer Sarah Poewe in Women’s Health

Posted 17.02.2015 // 15:48 h

Sarah Poewe has been a professional swimmer for more than 15 years and has already won bronze in Athens. Here you can find her sportive milestones and 10 swimming tipps for beginners.

By Juliane Hemmerling

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“There is no total security anyway”

Posted 16.02.2015 // 15:36 h

In 2015, Berlin is the host of many sports event, such as the Champions League final and the Berlin Marathon. How safe are these events?

By Norbert Siegmund

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Tracking the Olympic Games in Berlin 1936

Posted 15.02.2015 // 15:28 h

Berlin is applying for the Olympic Games in 2024 or 2028. An important part of the Games should be Olympic Park, constructed by the Nazis in 1936. Looking back and ahead.

By Philip Volkmann-Schluck

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Interview with Oren Osterer

Posted 13.02.2015 // 14:01 h

From July 27 until August 5, the European Maccabi Games 2015 will take place in Berlin. Oren Osterer is the head of the organisation committee. In “Vis-á-vis” by rbb Inforadio he explains why bridge will be part of the EMG2015 and how he wants to set a Guinness Record.

By Ursula Voßhenrich

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5 Minutes with Maya Saban

Posted 12.02.2015 // 15:34 h

Maya Saban about a family trip to the Jewrovision.

By Ayala Goldmann

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The EMG2015 in Berlin’s newspaper “B.Z.”!

Posted 11.02.2015 // 16:26 h

The European Maccabi Games 2015 are presented in Berlin’s newspaper “B.Z.”. Read quotes of Lena van Hooven and Oren Osterer and get to know some of the specialties of the EMG2015.

By Torsten Hilscher

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