EMG2015 // Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To answer some questions from the athletes prior to the EMG2015, we have answered some questions below. If you have any more questions, which may also be interesting for other EMG2015 athletes, just send an e-mail to welcome@EMG2015.org and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

Where will the sporting events take place?

Most of the sporting events will take place in the Olympic Park, but not all disciplines can be held there. Some sports (squash, triathlon, golf, bowling, tennis) will take place outside the Olympic Park in individual venues. Further Information on the other venues will be published shortly.

How do the athletes get from the hotel to the sports venues from the hotel?

There will be a shuttle service from the hotel to the venues, which will be operated by tour busses mainly. Further information will be given on site.

How long does it take to get to the sports venues?

The drive to the Olympic Park takes approximately 40 minutes, but depends on the traffic. Details about the sports, which are not in the Olympic Park, will be available on site.

What should I do if I miss my bus?

If you miss the bus, first of all: Do not panic! There are always people who can help you with finding the next option to get to a certain destination.

How do we get to downtown Berlin?

There is no organized transport into the city. Adult athletes can use the public transportation system independently. Junior and Youth participation have to be accompanied by a person in charge from their delegation.

What can we do in our free time?

Berlin offers a large variety of free time activities; the city is known for its individualism and due to that, Berlin is home to a lot of cool bars, parks, cafés and all kinds of restaurants, clubs, and party locations. Berlin also offers perfect shopping opportunities, either in one of the numerous malls or shopping streets. The EMG2015 team and the volunteers are happy to help you with tips!

What is the weather going to be like during the EMG2015?

The summer in Germany in general is pretty warm. Temperatures will be around 25°C (77°F) and the sun will set around 8:30PM, but of course there is always a chance for rain or a little colder weather. And since the EMG2015 will mainly take place outside, be prepared!

Is Berlin a safe place?

Berlin is a city with many faces. It is quite safe during the day. During the night, as in other big cities, you should not be on the streets alone. If you are in a group and you are using busses or the subway to get around, there is no reason to be worried about your security. Watch out for pickpockets, though!

Can I leave the hotel or venues if I am under 18 years old?

No, athletes under 18 are only allowed to leave the hotel or venues if a supervisor is with them.

What do we do in case of an emergency?

Most important: Do not panic! If there is an organizational problem, call the person in charge of your delegation. You will get a phone number where you can ALWAYS reach someone. If there is a medical problem, look for the next paramedic or doctor. For emergencies, the police phone number is 110 or the firefighter phone number is 112 (you also call the firefighters for an ambulance).

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